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Hi! For the holidays, I changed my avatar and the background of my blog (which you can see), made 2 gifs, and made a (fake) pet using some of the sites from this blog. First, the gifs.

The one above says Happy Holidays! Afterwards, it has a snowman then a snowflake.

The one above was inspired by the order Christmas trees are decorated. Both of these gifs were made with Brush Ninja.

 My pet!

If the link doesn’t work, or if you don’t have Adobe Flash, then here is a screenshot:

Then, last but not least, my new avatar:

I hope to see what you have done! Feel free to leave a link to your blog!



9 thoughts on “Holiday Stuff

  1. Hi Evelyn! It’s me Jordyn!!
    I love your GIFs! I can’t believe it’s already almost Christmas, like seriously. And, we have something else on common, (not only that we both like to cook) I have a pet on my blog too. She is a pink sloth named Felisha. But midnight the horse is super cool too. Love your new Avatar!
    Your blogging friend, Jordyn

    • Hi!
      I did kind of notice your sloth. She is really cute. I originally had it as a link, but then I realized: Wait. I think it isn’t just embedded code they provide. There might be an HTML. My teacher taught me first thing on how to add custom HTML.
      The avatar took a really long time. I had to copy the original exactly. I then changed a few parts to make it a bit more winter-y.

      • Hi, Evelyn!
        What kind of dessert do you eat for Christmas?
        I live in the U.S., but I was born in Norway, so we still have the traditional Norwegian dessert on Christmas Eve. It is rice cream with a hidden almond. Whoever gets the almond wins a prize, usually a marzipan pig!
        Mrs. Wohlafka
        Week 8 STUBC Commenter

  2. Hi Evelyn,

    Great work with your blog makeover. It looks terrific! I love your GIFs. Your pet is cute too. Do you have any real pets? I don’t but my children would like one!

    I’m going to share your post in the week 9 STUBC post which will be published tomorrow.

    Keep it up!
    Kathleen Morris

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