What Games do you Play?

If you’ve read my About widget, you already know of some of the games that I play, Minecraft, MSM, and MSMDOF. I’m just going to do a quick overview of the games before the questions.

Most people already know what Minecraft is, so I’m going to skip that one. If you do NOT know what Minecraft is, feel free to ask via Comments.

MSM and MSMDOF stand for My Singing Monsters and My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire. They are two different games made by the same company. They are related with some of the mechanics, but there are plenty that exist in one game, but not the other. Some mechanics in MSMDOF include crafting items, selling those to other players, and in-game storage problems.

Now, time for a few questions.

Try using a google form version first. If that doesn’t work, use the questions below. (Some of them come with my answers to them, but do NOT use them as your own.)

  • Has anyone told you about this game before? For me, I never knew anything about MSM and MSMDOF until late August. As for Minecraft, I’ve been playing for years, and one of my cousins introduced me to it.
  • Do you play/ used to play any of these games? Just so you know, these were my first times playing it, unless you count the time when I deleted Minecraft for awhile because of storage.
  • Are you interested in playing any of these games?

And one last question…

  • Are there any games that you would like to recommend?

Please leave your answers via comments!

I have no idea if this counts for Week 5 or not, but I’m just going to put it under Week 7.

9 thoughts on “What Games do you Play?

  1. Hi Evelyn, I’m Zachary. I like your blog’s snowy theme. For number one, I have heard about them. For number two, I have played all three of them. For number three, yes, my Minecraft doesn’t work and I want to play the new update. Finally, I would recommend Terraria, it is a little expensive, but if you like Minecraft, You will probably like Terraria. Be sure to visit me and leave a comment at 2024zac.edublogs.org.

    • Hi Zachary!
      It’s cool that you’ve heard about all three of them! And it’s cool that you’ve played all three… it’s quite the coincidence! I’m going to visit your blog soon, if I can.

  2. Hi Evelyn
    I have heard of Minecraft and I teach teachers in the UK all about it and encourage them to use an education version of it in their classrooms with their classes.
    I have not heard of the other two games though so I might have to investigate them.
    My favourite game, well only digital game that I play is Candy Crush, a bit boring I think!
    #STUBC commenter

    • Hi!
      Somehow I missed you when I was replying.
      My classmate, John also plays Cuphead… we ended up writing persuasive essays about which was better: Minecraft or Cuphead.
      Also, my parents would NEVER let me play that other game… I don’t even have a phone!
      PS: I hope you see this

  3. Hi my name is Pierce and I play Minecraft too. I have seen adds for My singing monsters but probably won’t play it, it’s not really my type of game. I do have a game suggestion for you, Terraria. Terraria is a very similar game to Minecraft however it is 2D. I cannot stress enough that IT IS NOT 2D MINECRAFT!!! Terraria has over 3000 items, there are only 967 items in Minecraft. I hope you will come comment on one of my blog posts at 2024pae.edublogs.com.

    • Hi!
      Other people who have said that they play Minecraft said that they would like to recommend the same game. I’m going to start considering that soon…

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